Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B is for

baby bibs o' love, big bad baby blanket and babies Benjamin and Sydney. Err, well, Sydney kind of messed up the alliteration, but that's ok. Last night I finally got the packages together to send off to the new babes in our family of friends. I am really happy with the outcome of each project and it really made for some enjoyable TV knitting, knitting while The Boss chucked puzzle pieces at me, etc. None of the projects were those are the projects I'm stalling on, but I think they are cute nonetheless. Next stop...sweaters.


Amy said...

All the presents look great and I LOVE the bib with the "B" on it! That's one variation I haven't tried yet. :-)

We definitely have a lot in common - making changes and jumping into sweaters!

What kind of puzzles is little A doing? Little H has some hardboard ones I've been tempted to get out...although at this point I'm going to wait until the thrush is gone to introduce anything new.

Michelle said...

well, I'd use the term 'doing puzzles' very loosely. She has wooden ones that she really just takes the pieces out of and looks at them (mostly animals) and then throws them behind her. That's how she does a puzzle! hahahaha. She does have the Leap Frog fridge phonics thing that requires putting in a letter into the slot which she is starting to try to do, usually unsuccessfully and then I have to do it. In time I hope she gets it, til then I'll just shield my eyes when she's playing with puzzles!

Beth Sprague said...

Everything looks so great! They are sure to love it!!

Anna said...

I didn't know you were doing the embossed letters either! Where did you get the charts?