Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eleven months ago

I was preparing to leave my nine year gig as a research coordinator at the end of the month for my forever gig as a mother. Everyone kept telling me I would go early due to the fact I had been nesting for what seemed to be for a month...if only that could kick in now and then postpartum! This morning I was reminded how fast this all goes because I realized I need to get first birthday party invitations out very soon. The Boss has learned so much in the past few weeks. She totally surprised me by pointing out body parts (nose, eyes, mouth and head) when prompted. This morning she proved herself once more with signing "All Done" after our delicious and leisurely breakfast. Then she destroyed the Sunday paper in her usual fashion while we sipped coffee and tried to sneak in reading a paragraph or two. I soon gave up on the paper and settled into last bit of knitting on Baby Parson's baby blanket without my usual witty and fun weekend knitting friends. It just wasn't the same.

I decided that it was safe to take a short jaunt to Bloomin Yarns though to get a little fix. Every time I'm there I just want to cozy up in a corner and stay for about three days. Before I left this conversation took place:
H: "wow, that's a lot of yarn" (upon finding my box o' Peaches and Creme)
M: "oh, that's just cheap cotton yarn for bibs and such"
H: "That's ok, I don't care how much you spend on yarn"

I had to post that because putting that on the blog is the same as like signing a pre-nup or getting it notarized or something legally binding, right? He can't take it back now!

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