Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers. Sorry we missed the party.

Today was Sweater Day to commemorate what would have been Mister Rogers' 80th birthday and part of Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary celebration and the first-ever "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Days (March 15 - 20). The Boss even has the perfect zip up sweater that would have made Mister Rogers proud. Unfortunately, she didn't get to celebrate like Finn or Eleni because she was suffering from a major case of Cranky Butt Disorder. Cranky Butt Disorder strikes when you least expect it or in other words, when you have a lot to accomplish like prepping for Easter festivities. That's the thing about teething (the usual cause of Cranky Butt Disorder). Some days--Poof! There's a tooth! Other days the process is very painful for all parties involved. She had a low grade fever so wearing her sweater didn't seem like a good idea-especially since she was pretty much attached to my body all day. So while everyone was sporting their fun sweaters, The Boss dreamt of wearing one. Cranky Butt Disorder eventually does lead to passing out on the couch.
p.s. I actually got to meet Mister Rogers when he visited my alma mater, Saint Vincent College, for our sesquicentennial celebration. He was just as kind and soft spoken in person as he was on television. It was an honor to meet him. Since St. Vincent is located in Latrobe, PA, the home of Fred Rogers, he chose the college as the place to house his archives before he died in 2003. The college has since built the Fred Rogers Center for early learning and children's media as a way to promote the guiding principles of his life's work. It's great to be a neighbor of Mister Rogers!


Beth Sprague said...

Happy Easter to the Boss, and I hope your Cranky Butt Symptoms get lost in the high Easter grass! XO

LisaBe said...

i get cbd whenever i'm sick, as i am today. i have that awful head cold that everyone around me has had lately, and i get very mushy with smartboy but mostly cranky with anyone else. thankfully, the contractors had good friday off, so i was home alone and got to nap a bit, even. i'm so glad it's friday. i wonder at what age awareness of weekend v. weekday starts to kick in?