Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knitting for grownups

I've stuck to small baby gifts thus far because they are easy and give me instant gratification. The problem is, sometimes grownups have birthdays too!

While winter is almost over, my friend Leah is almost always cold. She once told the tale of this contraption her husband bought her that fit around her neck to keep her warm. It was bulky, ridiculous, and I know Tim Gunn would say "this concerns me". Just because something comes from Brookstone doesn't always mean it's a good thing--unless it's the $3000.00 massage chair. Her husband has since made up for this gift with things that sparkle and all is well on that front. It's Leah's birthday today (correction: I jumped the gun, Leah's birthday is the 16th) and instead of a a funky contraption, I knit her this lacy scarf that is just long enough to tie around her neck should she get cold. She was sporting a stylish, short gray coat when I last saw her and I thought this color would fit nicely into her wardrobe.

I thought this yarn was going to be impossible until I managed to finish a few rows and then I really liked it. The end product was very soft and smooshy thanks to the blend of kid mohair and silk. It is pretty much like knitting fuzzy thread but I'm happy there is enough leftover for another! Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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