Sunday, March 30, 2008

You said what?

I've heard from other moms that language explosions happen. It just seemed a little incredible to me that one day the babe could go from having a few words to then five more in a day. It never worked that way when I was taking any language class, that's for sure! It's pretty cool to experience though and it hit a few days ago. I think my new favorite word The Boss picked up is her own name which comes out like Me-Me-Uh (no, she doesn't call herself The due time, in due time).

Language aside, her new favorite thing is accessorizing with whatever she can find. Tell me this stuff isn't ingrained from birth--cause if you know me, I'm not one to wear a lot of jewelry so she's not getting it from me! Oh dear, we're just a few steps away from wearing princess dresses, aren't we? Seriously, when I had a sonogram and they told me my baby was a girl, I thought to myself "but I don't know how to do hair!" This picture also proves that I also don't know how to cut hair either as she needs to have her first hair cut in the worst way. Maybe she'll tell me to buy hair bows next.
Excuse me while I go get The Boss her soccer ball.


jen said...

Go Miss A! I'm still waiting for Finn's first language explosion...he's quiet like his parents.
Have you tried a little barrette in the Boss' hair, just to keep it out of her eyes?

DrDrama said...

Hey, Me-Me-Uh! So cute. I love the language explosions too. That is funny that I had the same reaction when we found out we were having a girl. Her hair is the bane of my existence! I see princess dresses and tutus in your near future...

McGee Family said...

Miss A is soooo cute! She is adorable. AND you give me hope that I will learn how to manage my time better as M grows and will be able to cook again.

We do have a big ball that I do use a lot to bounce her on, but I'm thinking the side to side swing might be something to invest in. :)