Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The grass is greener

and I don't mean that as a metaphor, I really mean our grass is greener than ever! hahahaha. In just a few short months, it will be scorched and weed ridden, but we'll enjoy it for now.

Fortunately, The Boss has gotten over her aversion to grass. Remember how I thought I was going to work in the yard, The Boss would bumble around with her little shovel and watering can trying to do what I do or she'd pick up stones and grass? Uh yeah, no, that didn't happen. For the past few weeks I was not able to work outside while home alone with The Boss because she decided that she's not a fan of grass! She didn't like walking in it, sitting it, playing with it, nuthin'. That's right, we pounded the pavement. We walked the driveway, the neighbor's driveway, and our street. Thank God we live on a quiet cul-de-sac!

Then it all changed on Sunday. We headed to the birthday party for Grant and Sophia and well, well, well, she was walking in the grass. Because you see, the grass held a very powerful thing...a slide! We've yet to have any luck with her in a swing (she must get that from her father, her mother's favorite thing is the swing!) but man did she go crazy over that slide. At first we'd hold her as she slid down, but then she (errr...I mean we) got brave and let her down on her own and it was pretty hard to pry her away from it. I was going to post the adorable video of her on the slide fervently signing More after each ride down, but then I realized I'm the most annoying videographer EVER. I sound like a lunatic cheering for her and laughing. I had no idea I was even doing this and I will not subject you to my Embarrassing Mother Behavior.

So as long as it has been nice out, we've been outside. How do I know she wants outside? She'll bring me her shoes and then she'll bring me mine!

When she napped, I was able to sit outside one afternoon and knit this for Hank's cousin Jenny's baby shower. Dishes and vacuuming can wait until a rainy day. This is the Umbilical Cord Hat from the Stitch 'n Bitch Knitter's Handbook.
And of course, that baby is going to need some bibs. I don't know if Jenny is aware that babies are a mess.
These will have to suffice as I didn't finish my BSJ #2 in time for the shower. Yeah, I'm kind of lax when it comes to knitting deadlines. Maybe it was because I couldn't attend the shower and had to send everything ahead of time. Otherwise I would have had enough time. Oh well, every project always takes longer than I think it will or I don't get the free time I needed to finish. I'm starting to rethink my vow to do handmade gifts for Christmas!


LisaBe said...

(a) i love the bibs and hat. so pretty! do you just make up where you want stripes? or does the yarn or pattern do that thinking for you? regardless, too cute!
(b) my friend jen's daughter is afraid of wind. don't feel bad.
(c) i demand to see embarrassing mother behavior!

Amanda said...

What a great pile of handknit gifts! Those bibs will be so useful. I need to knit up a few more for EJ, some of the ones she has have such scratchy velcro it scrapes her poor little head up!

Beth & Dave said...

So glad the Boss is no longer fearful of the grass! I hope to see the slide video one day... Your knitting gifts are beautiful!!