Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water baby

I decided to use the vacation to test out some various swim wear that I bought or had been handed down to The Boss from her older friends. Hank's parents bought a timeshare so we'll be going there every year. I had to do my research for the future!

I bought her a few suits like this from Target last year on clearance. You can only get away with ruffles on the thighs for so long, ya know?
The bottom of the suit claimed that it was a swim diaper in itself and no other diaper was needed. I'm glad I still put a swim diaper underneath it or else we would have had a mess on a few occasions. Unless your kid is like clockwork with you know, the dirty business, do not heed the directions of these suits!

In an attempt to make my child look utterly ridiculous and therefore undeniably funny and cute, we put her in this one day to test it out. I can't wait til the day she sees this picture and says "Mom!" and shakes her head in disgust. The suit had a zipper pouch for floaties that came with the suit. It was good in theory, but it required way more skill than she possesses to keep herself upright in water on her own. I thought it was useless. And yeah, it was actually for a boy, so it was just one more way we were embarrassing her. See, not even kids should be in Speedos.

I liked the t shirt options. They were easy to get off even when wet and dried super fast. The mock turtleneck version, which her father will require until she's 30, was probably the best just because of the coverage and the lightweight material.The aqua shoes were a must for walking on hot sand and the rough surfaces of the kiddie pool or the shallow end of the big pool. Seriously, why do they make those surfaces like cheese graters? We tried some Crocs knock offs, but they were a little big and wasn't walking right so I ditched those for the time being.

Before the daily swimming festivities began, we took to the bikes.
I was hoping to get Hank a baby bike seat for Father's Day, so this was a great way to see if she'd enjoy it. She loved it so much that she would get mad when we'd stop to check out beachy things like starfish.
Vacationing with grandparents was awesome. I was doubtful at first, but it was really great. She wanted to be with them and they wanted to lavish her with attention. It was a win-win. Actually, it was win-win-win because as a result, I got to do things by myself on occasion like knit on the beach and lounge by the pool and other pleasures like going to the bathroom by myself. Hey, I didn't say it was all glamorous but man did it feel like a vacation!


McGee Family said...

I'm glad your back. She is sooooo cute! Seriously, she is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen... Hmmm, you got to go to the bathroom by yourself?!?! What's that like?

DrDrama said...

Mimi has like a jillion suits. We may need to raid her closet before we leave for Texas.

LisaBe said...

omg. ded from teh cute.

and what--you mean i shouldn't be wearing ruffles on my booty?

congrats on getting to potty alone. that must have been beyond exciting. (i'm only half joking. i long for the day when our second bathroom is finished and i can enjoy a little privacy myself, and i don't even have kids.)

Amy said...

We've had big problems with the knock off crocs, but the real ones that Nana bought stay on great. Lots of $$ for such tiny shoes, but apparently worth it if that's what you're going for.

I haven't seen the t-shirt suits before - very cute! I will keep an eye out when we're ready for more than the 4 suits we already have.