Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rites of summer.

I know, it's been quiet over here at The Spice Rack. We've just been outside. A lot. Which means we've been sweating. A lot. Which means I had to high tail it over to a store to get a kiddie pool before the retail industry deemed summer over with the onslaught of back-to-school goods. I made it just in time. Just barely.
I'm sure most of you have a picture from your childhood where you're just in a diaper in a kiddie pool. I couldn't let The Boss go through life without the same. When she has friends over, we put on a nice show with swim suits and all, but most of the time I just plop her in a swim diaper. Ever since we blew this thing up, she's been in it every chance she gets. Seriously, an eight dollar pool, a bucket, a few cups, and we have hours and hours of priceless fun. Sometimes I get pretty close to counting it as a bath!

With summer also comes ice cream novelties. I didn't even know they still made these!
As you can also see, the fake Crocs (we call them Mocs) are working out OK now and she chooses these shoes most of the time.

Sadly, she takes after her mother. This is why we invest heavily in Stain Stick.
Look what else we were able to do for the first time. A pony tail!
The amount of wrangling it required doesn't lure me into doing this daily. I'm pretty sure we'll transition to The Dorothy Hamill any day now. I kid. Well, maybe not.

Stay cool! Recipes and knitting coming soon but til then, I have to go fetch a beach ball.


LisaBe said...

i love the second-to-last pic. the aftermath of the creamsicle push-up thingy. turns out, she *does* take after you.

Amanda said...

You are high class... when I was little and we had no swimming diapers my parents stuck me in a galvanized tub, naked.

I love push-ups. My all time favorite ice cream novelty. I enjoy the orange ones only, GE sells a pretty good store brand!

Beth & Dave said...

Loving the push up pop pics! Why don't I ever look that cute when I make a mess on my top?

jen said...

I just fell in love with her all over again! I'm pretty sure it was the pony tail. We need to get together - it's been a long time!

Emmy said...

mmm...I love push ups!! her ponytail is adorable!

K,S,M,L&R M said...

She is gorgeous! I *will* be buying some of those push-ups. Hips, forgive me.

Lisa said...

So cute! She seems to really be enjoying that push up (they were my favorite as a kid)!

cara said...

mmm sounds like we all liked the pushups!

love the new hairdo! too cute!

Valerie said...

She is such a cutie!