Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to normal.

I think. For now. Well, for at least the past three days. In parent speak, that's like six months.

When you talk to any parent, talk inevitably turns to the state of sleep. Your sleep, the kid's sleep. Just sleep. Who is getting it, who is not, how can you get more of it. Fortunately, we had been on the side of getting sleep--all of us, for a long time. Hey, we paid our dues, it was our time now! Then the 18 month growth spurt/developmental spurt/sleep regression/teethe o'rama hit. Prior to it hitting this house, Amy and I joked that maybe our girls would skip this one. Insert hearty laughter here. As Ask Moxie puts it, the 18 month regression just makes you feel insulted.

This time though, I took a more relaxed approach to this insult to our routine, with just a few momentary lapses in over-analysis spurred on by a few nap strikes, a week long crib strike and an intense Mommy Only phase. But we took it day by day and I commiserated with my peeps. Here we are, almost a month later and we're finally back on track. I'm oh so thankful I didn't put her in a toddler bed. There were days I almost converted the crib to the full size bed, too!

Now that I have some experience under my belt, I totally get why these things happen. Now that The Boss can communicate and adds to her vocabulary on an hourly basis it seems, it makes sense why she couldn't sleep. Brain Overdrive. Yeah, yeah, I knew this is why all the other disruptions happened, but this one just seemed to make more sense to me because the results were well, audible. And let me tell you, I adore toddler voices and toddler words and toddler pronunciations. Except for this one:


The Boss poses this question about 200 times a day now. I wasn't expecting this stage to start just yet. I haven't really read a thing about parenting since she started crawling (with the exception of this 18 month out-of-whack stage). Whoops. All I know is that I already had to skirt around the issue of where babies come from which was pretty easy considering I'm still a lot smarter than her. I'm kind of hoping popular culture makes a big swing back to fuddy duddy times in which we don't ever speak of these things. I'll do my part if you do yours.


Cause Mama said so.


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Here's hoping that Amelia "sleeps like a baby" until the next crazy growth spurt. Why? Cause Mommy's friend said so!

Emmy said...

*Yawn* Can you have Amelia call Jake & tell him that sleeping is the cool thing to do???

Glad to hear the regression has passed!