Friday, October 24, 2008

Kid connection

I have to say, having The Boss really opened me up to some friendships in my life that I couldn't be more thankful for. And seeing these babes grow up together has been such a joy. They are finally getting to that age where they are actually playing together and we can sit back and enjoy the cuteness that ensues.

For proof, check out these photos of The Boss and friend Finn during a recent jaunt to the pumpkin patch. I'm going to warn you right now, you might die from the cuteness. Don't curse me when your heart melts. I warned you!!

Happy Friday!


LisaBe said...

wow. she *and* her models are amazing. makes me wish she did pet portraits! she has a real gift. and of course she has the cutest model(sL evar ;)

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

The pics are amazing - what memories to cherish!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! But, I have to say, Noah's going to be jealous. ;)


Lisa said...

LOVE these photos. They are so cute together!