Friday, October 31, 2008

Sugar rush.

Fun times trick or treating in the land of The Spice Rack. The Boss seeks out her Han Solo.
The Force cannot stop The Boss from spontaneously dancing.

The Force lead her to the Reese Cups. I like The Force.

This a toddler on sugar. Fortunately, Halloween is but once a year.
Edited add due to the volume of emails I received about it:
Yes, the Leia hair was a little DIY project consisting of a toddler sized headband wrapped in some brown yarn. The buns were fashioned by twisting together many strands of yarn and swirling them in bun-like fashion and sewing them in place, later to be sewn on to the headband. Simple!


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

She is totally adorable! I am sending a hug to her via the Force...

Amanda said...

So cute! I love how the headband looks with her costume!

K,S,M and R M said...

She gets cuter by the day, I swear!

Emmy said...

arrrgghh, I can't take anymore Halloween cuteness!!! Love it.