Thursday, December 4, 2008

A quickie.

It's December, so obviously it's cold in these parts, and I've come to learn The Boss is all about the winter gear. She loves herself some mittens. In fact, before we left the house today, she decided that the socks she had on her feet (socks that had Jelly Belly jelly beans pictured all over them given to her by Aunt Betsy) were better suited as mittens and not as her socks. And so off we went to the store, with socks on the feet AND the hands. I love that toddlers know what they want.

I was going to knit her some leg warmers, but who knows what they'd become! It looks like mittens are a safe bet.

Oh, and yeah, since I'm posting, it means I'm alive after the Thanksgiving Ain't Happenin' bug that ripped through this house. Bring it on, Christmas!


Amanda said...

We have to get the girls together. Trying to put mittens on EJ is impossible. She acts like I am trying to feed her hands into a garbage disposal. Peer pressure works for good things too right?

K,S,M and R M said...

How cute! I am sure she made everyone smile! I am glad you are feeling better!