Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes from the weekend.

Some thoughts floating around the (big)noggin' this weekend....

*I have a doctor appointment on Monday. I almost feel like going in and saying "I have an almost two year old, what can you give me?" I'm kidding of course. Kind of.

Really, with each age, life gets easier and then harder, but in different ways. Just like when we freaked that she was no longer just a stationary baby on the floor, we now realize she's just tall enough to grab all the things we thought were out of her reach. Also, The Boss does.not.stop.talking. I mostly love it, unless the question "What are you doing, Mom?" passes her lips more than ten times in less than ten minutes. But the singing! Oh the singing is the most adorable thing ever. I couldn't possibly adore her more than I do.

*I'm really into baking bread these days. Every time I make bread I wonder why I don't do it more often. It's so little effort. Of course you need time, but there's a lot downtime in making bread which makes it a great weekend thing to do. This weekend I made chubble (cheddar bubble bread) based on this recipe.
I used extra sharp white cheddar in mine. I find the older I get, the sharper I like my cheese. I made two batches and one of them I used smoked gouda, a favorite of Hank. Notice I never get any after shots of bread. They are torn into too quickly.

*I am ridiculously excited to have a sewing machine now! I forgot to mention that in addition of knitting for myself, I want to get into this again. I was in my teens when I last sat at a sewing machine. I received a hand-me-down and I am chomping at the bit to get started. I am trying to make space in the spare bedroom for some work space. Unfortunately, not only do I want to sew, I've recently gotten the bug to do some needlework (the first craft my grandmother taught me), too. I'd like to do a few projects to help decorate the house--make it a little more warm and cozy. Our lack of decorating is really a product of laziness and is admittedly a little too heavy on toddler accessories.

*I started knitting a hat for myself and fortunately, before I got too far into it, I realized it would probably be too small for me so I'm starting over and making a few adjustments. I finally measured my head and compared it to other hat sizings. As I've suspected for years, my head is a wee bit bigger than the average woman's head. No mass produced headgear for this lady!

*I am increasingly annoyed by these pro high fructose corn syrup commercials. Have you seen them? They drive me bonkers.

*As a mother of a toddler, I feel like we waste more food than ever. What is a favorite for one or two days, doesn't mean it will be a favorite next week when I buy the same stuff to make. So frustrating! Granted, I think The Boss is still a relatively good eater, but I miss the baby who at her plain, steamed veggies with abandon. Now, I resort to a new low, cheese sauce. At least it's real cheese though! And soup, she's a soup nut, so you can bet I chock it full of everything. The other thing I find myself doing is going to greater lengths for her to eat things. For instance, if I give her regular ole orange segments, she'll just suck take small bite and try to suck the juice out, but the one day I decided to see if the results were any different if I sectioned an orange like they do in fancy salads. Naturally, she ate the whole thing. Well, of course she did.

*And on the subject of food, I'm making a better effort to compost even during the winter when it's the utmost pain in the patootie to do so. I think my compost bin needs a little catalyst to get it started again. I noticed at the end of the summer/fall, it really hadn't done much which means the ratios of greens and browns are probably off. I received a handy dandy counter compost keeper for Christmas which will make it a little easier (aka less stinky since it has a charcoal filter) in case I don't make a daily trek out in the winter.

A cohesive post and hopefully a finished project by next time. Have a great week, friends!


jen said...

Hooray for the sewing machine!
My kid doesn't even bother to eat dinner...unless it's pizza in which case he turns into an animal (warning: do not say the word around him unless you intend to give him some).

I have not seen these commercials you speak of, but now I'm curious.

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

I sure hope that sewing machine works! ;) You are one talented lady though - making crafts AND bread?!? I bow down before you...

Your fellow large noggin-er

K,S,M and R M said...

You are just amazing. I have a sewing machine... in my attic. There are so many things I hope to learn and do (mostly to be like you :)), but I haven't made the time yet. My first recreational love is reading, and that's where I am right now. I'm saving the bread recipe.