Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been fighting off the urge to write a post about what has been absolutely consuming me the past two weeks. When this very thing happens to you as a parent, it feels like a weight has been lifted and just like the day she was born, walked, and talked, I wanted to shout this from the rooftops.

The Boss is potty trained. Thanks for letting me get that out.

I had myself so psyched out about this very process that I was largely ignoring it. Until she came home one day and asked to wear underwear. "Princess ones," she requested. Nevermind she has never seen any princess themed anything, she knew that those were the ones she wanted. And so I obliged because darnit, if that's what makes this work, I'll set aside my own princess issues;) I threw in a few polka dot ones for good measure.

So, her first year all we did was talk about pee and poop and now we're back at it in another way. Some day, the potty talk will be over, but as long as I'm free from diapers, I'll happily deal with it--even the mad dashes through Target to find the nearest bathroom.

We've had another accomplishment--she can now pedal her tricycle on her own. I do a lot of sauntering up and down the street while she sharpens her steering skills.
See, I can talk about something other than the potty! Wheww. Now I can go back to largely ignoring the next daunting parenting thing. Like the body talk or prom.


cara said...

Can she come give my kids some instruction on how to pedal their three wheelers? i love that you evened out the princess ratio with polka dots!

Sara M said...

Yay for Miss A! What a big girl. And such a cutie.... I was so happy to see her (and you) last week!

Amanda said...

Those pigtails are too freaking cute.

Kelly said...

She totally has her Daddy's smile. :)

DrDrama said...

Yay, Boss! We are following in your footsteps and hopefully will be there by next week. We have had several dry days so I am chucking diapers! Love that second picture!

Life with Pog said...

Congrats. The Boss is so freaking cute!