Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flower power.

There are a couple of things I anticipate every spring-my birthday, the week my Weeping Cherry tree blooms and when my favorite flower of all time, Lily of the Valley, blooms as well.
I am completely intoxicated by these little bell flowers. So much so that I considered forcing them for my October wedding bouquet. Fortunately, I had a few friends talk me out of that craziness (in addition to the making my own wedding cake craziness)!
Luckily, I can enjoy them in my yard now and can be crazy in different ways;)
So now you know, skip the roses, it's all about Lily of the Valley for this gal.


Life with Pog said...

The flowers are *almost* as beautiful as The Boss. :) Love her pants. Happy Birthday! (?)

Kelly said...

Lily of the Valley is my Mom's favorite scent. :) Happy birthday and Happy Mother's day!