Friday, June 19, 2009


Hi friends,
I'm going acoustic for a bit in the name of my personal vacation title: Operation Good Riddance Farmer Tan. I know, how long can one girl go without Facebook? I think I'm going to be way too busy enjoying myself and I have a feeling I may be commissioned to do a lot of sand digging and building sandcastles and searching for starfish and well, The Boss will have to tell you the rest. She's had an agenda since December. She's a girl on the move and with a plan. I'm picturing this, just on the beach.
There are some days when those kid leashes don't seem so silly.

Thankfully, after a few years of travel with a kid in tow, I think we are down to only bringing half the crap we did the first time around (really, how much did we think a 5 month old needed at the beach?). The good news is that it seems to get easier and even more fun each year or rather, like a vacation and not just taking care of a baby somewhere other than home!

This whole yearly trek to the beach is actually fairly new to me. As a kid, our vacations were either rare day trips to Lake Michigan or jaunts from Valparaiso, Indiana to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see our family. We made those trips in our big ole golden brown station wagon. Did your back seat have an invisible territory line like mine did? So help me if my brother crossed it after 8 hours in the car! I've since eased up on the whole car territory thing so trips go pretty smoothly these days:)

I hope to have some adventures to share when I get back. Until then, I have our trusty Elise tending to the fruits of our labor while we are gone. Blueberry Watch 2009 is on!


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Have a great time!

Life with Pog said...

The Boss kills me with her cuteness. Don't tell Pog, but The Boss might be tied for Most.Adorable.Girl.. :) Enjoy vacation!

Amanda said...

Have a great time, and if your blueberries disappear while you are gone, I swear it wasn't me.