Sunday, July 12, 2009

A glimpse.

Sometimes when I take pictures of The Boss, I feel like I get a glimpse of what her senior portraits will be like. I don't know why that is.My mom probably didn't envision that my portraits would include big bangs though, so my feeling is probably entirely off. But I love seeing how expressive she can be and how fast those expressions change.

On Saturday morning she followed me outside in her pajamas because one of her favorite things to do is to help take our fruit and vegetable scraps to the composter. "I wuv the composter" she'll say. It cracks me up. She'll probably start a composting program at school any day now. That's my girl.

On the way to the composter, we have to stop to smell the flowers. Especially the hydrangea flowers that are bigger than her head. I love how the presence of a bumblebee completely changed her demeanor.
But soon after she was off running...always running.
She quickly gave an impromptu performance of I'm a Little Teapot. I love how toddlers just bust out into song all.the.time. Then there was instruction of how Cookie Monster eats his cookies.
And a review of which tomatoes will be ready soon and some discussion over what color the peppers will turn. It's been so much fun teaching her about growing vegetables and herbs.
She charms me in so many ways. Now if only I could get her finger out of her nose.


Life with Pog said...

You kill me! :) As always, The Boss is completely adorable!

Dr. Drama said...

So cute. Seyi burst into "I'm a Little Teapot" when I read her the captions. Yeah, we're up late.

Emmy said...

She is looking more & more like a little lady every time you post pictures :) aaaaaaand...I'm way jealous of your hydrangea. Mine are MIA this year, which is heartbreaking because they were gorgeous last year by this time.

Blogless Erin said...

awwwww. what a sweet post!

Lisa said...

She's looking more & more grown up every day! I love your hydrangea. I brought mine back from the brink of death earlier this year, so no flowers for me this year :(

Caron~ said...

So cute.... what great pics. I love the captions and her expressions. I feel like I'm sitting there with you both!