Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey, Mr. DJ

"The music in your car is really bad."

That's what the then nearly three year old said from her backseat peanut gallery. This former DJ's heart sank.

I mean, the way it was supposed to go is that we, her parents, would sufficiently indoctrinate her impressionable little brain with our favorite music and she would rock out to the same stuff we did. We didn't need any kid music that would make us want to jump out of the car.

Again, I'm reminded that I'm not the boss and this is just the music edition.

Now granted, she did take more to Hank's selections and even had frequent requests in his car. And I can even understand that maybe my indie music is just not as catchy and fast and as danceable as she would like, but c'mon!

Thankfully, a band that Hank and I both liked before we even knew each other existed found a niche in some really fun and educational kid music that parents dig...a lot. Welcome They Might Be Giants to our musical queue. She likes, we like them. We jumped at the chance to attend their Family Show so last night we got to attend our first indoor concert together. Fun, fun, fun.

Curiously, after The Boss turned three, a most agreeable age so far, she even started saying "we can listen to your song after my song" when we're in the car together. Awww, thanks, love.

Now I just have to work on NPR. The last time I had that on she uttered "I don't like these words." She's actually wise beyond her years as the news really isn't all that.


Life with Pog & FLeC said...

How fun!! Sometimes I feel the same way about the news... I might have to borrow the Boss' line.

Anna said...

We were told that our car is not a fun car. Aunt Jacqui - who has "kid songs" in her car - has a fun car. Hmph!

Amanda said...

EJ still doesn't complain about NPR... but she usually just talks loudly over it so I don't get much of a chance to listen either

i am glad the show was such fun. K's favorite song is C is for Conifers, but I much prefer the Alphabet Lost and Found. (we are listening to the ABC one a lot)

Lisa said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had a great time at the concert. At least it's something you can all agree on :)

Sam B. Ward said...

That is really great, I am looking forward to have that same experience with my child. The connection is just priceless, moments similar to that concert is just worth nothing ...

Cara said...

Awe! sounds so fun! Glad to hear you all had a good time :)

We have some pretty funny conversations in the car that surround the music choices... we don't offer up kiddie stuff there, only stuff we can all agree upon or NPR or KDKA news... omg... today, I happened to have a pop channel on and a song i like came on (omg, i'm admitting this) paparazzi... and I was singing along... in my own little space until Max said, "mama, stop singing!" I said, "Oh so you like this song and can't hear it over my singing?" and he said, "no, it's terrible. turn it off...." :/