Friday, September 3, 2010

Living in her left hand world.

It's pretty apparent my girl is a lefty. Ever since she could hold a spoon or a crayon, it's been in the left hand. She's tried using the other hand, but it just never works quite right for her. Not that this has posed any problems or anything, but lately I've been noticing something peculiar. If she has her paper slanted the wrong way for her (something I'm going to have to get used to since I'm a righty) or if she is starting to write and there isn't enough room in the correct direction, she writes in mirror image in the opposite direction.

Is this a left hand thing or just a crazy brain thing?

Not enough space? Write in mirror image!
I love brains. I wish I could get into hers.

p.s. I think my blogging needs to become a little more like Facebook status updates. Short and sweet, otherwise, The Spice Rack is on its way out.


Amanda said...

Is that like the "I am running out of yarn, if I knit faster I will have enough" phenomenon?
I think she is a genius.

jen said...

Amanda's right...she's a genius.

(And I like that my kid's name is also on your concrete.)

Anna said...

OMG. Henry can barely write an "h." Excuse me while I go freak out now!

DrDrama said...

I concur that amelia is a genius. If she starts writing mathematical theorems backwards, a la Leonardo Da Vinci, be afraid.

Sue said...

I have a left handed daughter, and she, too, wrote in mirror image when she was learning to read and write! My brother also did it, and he's a lefty as well. Must be the way their brains work! By the way, my daughter is very creative. It's fun watching them grow. Congrats on your new family member!