Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What it really means.

I know this much to be true.

When your 3.5 year old asks "Want to see my super cool new trick?" this inevitably means your husband will get clocked in the nuts some how every.single.time.

When your 3.5 year old asks "how do you spell YOUR name" while coloring nicely in the playroom while you prep dinner, it means she actually endorsed every single check with crayon in the checkbook she found.And when your 3.5 year old asks "what is your account number?" then you run for the hills, or at least ship them off to preschool.
Good luck, preschool teachers! Good luck, indeed.


Amanda said...

Oh my! That is so funny. And how adorable does she look all ready for preschool? The ribbons in her pigtails are the perfect touch!

DrDrama said...

Oh no. Amelia, leave your mommy's checks alone! And it is alittle insane to see her dressed for school with a sweater when we are still in the 90's every day! Happy preschool!

jlkreiger said...

How funny! I guess she's seen her mom writing checks!

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

She cracks me up!! :)