Friday, April 15, 2011


Things I am currently anticipating:

1) full bloom of my weeping cherry tree. Maybe this weekend.

2) Girls Weekend #1. This year I have to forego the awesomeness of spending the whole weekend away with my local girls because I'm just not ready to leave the lil' guy for three days, but getting to spend a day with all my girls in this now grand tradition will be wonderful and much needed. Operation All Children Left Behind is a go.

3) Girls Weekend #2 (with families). Can't wait to see my other set of girls, the way-too-far- away ones, for a long Easter weekend. The packing list is staggering. It kind of looks like this: See all things in house. Pack it all in car. Don't forget children and food. The end.

4) Teeth: the lil' man is amazingly days away from six months old and two teeth are close to popping through. Can't believe we're already there and food, crawling, and college is not far behind for him! Gah! I think second babies grow faster in a separate space/time continuum.

5) my camera battery charging. Hence, no photo today!

Hope you have something fun to anticipate!

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