Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travel quirk.

Hey Y'all! Tell me, why is the southern accent so infectious? After two weeks in the south, The Boss and I were getting pretty impressionable as far as the language goes;)

We were beaching it as well as visiting family and friends over the past few weeks and I just had to laugh at myself after some gentle ribbing by family members regarding one of my apparent travel quirks.

I seem to bring an apron and microplane grater along more often than not.
What? Is that weird?

Such is my life! Well, I don't hear anyone complaining about the cooking that results from this type of travel packing!

And it's no crazier than say, my four year old who refuses to take off swim goggles during dinner!
Beach life was good. Now off to figure out what day it is before I sink any further into this post-vacation brain mush.



Amanda said...

Dinner goggles, awesome. I should probably hunt down a pair for Eleni to prevent any eye damage during mealtime.
I also see nothing wrong with traveling with a microplane. I typically travel with a cutting board and knife :o)

Sara said...

The photo of you and The Boss is awesome! Well, the photo of just her is pretty awesome too. :)