Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before and after

I've been getting a lot of grief over not posting anything about the first birthday party that took place this past weekend. In all honesty, I was trying to wait to see if we'd get pictures from other people first, since we weren't really available to take many pictures during the event. We were able to snatch a few that we will use to bribe her to come home before curfew lest we show them to her dates in thirty years (when we let her date).

We had a lot fun, so did the birthday girl. I don't think we'll ever turn down an excuse to get her friends together because that means our friends get together as well. The following pictures are why I think she'll have a grand time playing in the dirt with me in a few months. Prim and proper, she is not.

The cake before:

The cake after:

Babies and buttercream do mix. A little too well considering I had to clean it out of her nose.

We were also lucky to have Zhuo, one of Hank's college pals, in town for the weekend. He hadn't seen The Boss since she was four months old. You're just never sure how your friends will react when you have a baby, especially the bachelors of the group. Zhuo and The Boss made great buddies though. This is what I saw most of the weekend when he wasn't holding her hand in the car during our outings. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Ok, I'm officially done writing about my baby not being a baby anymore. I've gotten over it all...I have a toddler now and life goes on!


Amy said...

I finally looked at our pictures last night to post the cardigan photos. I will do my best to remember to bring you a CD of them on Saturday. :-)

maria said...

The boss is so cute! Tell her Owen said 'good job' with the cake smashing!

Beth Sprague said...

Love the picctures! She was adorable, that is for sure!!

Melissa & Jon said...

She was positively adorable! We enjoyed celebrating with you all!

Michelle said...
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