Monday, February 18, 2008

The wishing for spring cotton hat

Despite the snowflakes that started falling this afternoon, I know spring is on the way because my seed catalogs have been rolling in. In a few days they'll be pretty well dog eared as I envision my herb and vegetable expansion project. I don't have a ton of space, but enough to plant what I want. Since last year I got everything in the ground about two months late (you can probably all guess why), we had tomatoes well into October! I'm a little more organized this year and I quickly learned I have to plant enough for me and the chipmunks as we battle over who gets first dibs. They won all of my parsley last year and I'll have none of that this year.

I can't wait to be out there getting my hands dirty and I should have plenty of compost this season to work into the ground. I'm sure The Boss won't have any issues playing in the dirt either. The air might still be chill when it's time to prep the soil and she'll need something to cover her pretty head. This one might do.

The Wishing for Spring Cotton Hat in colorway chili ('cause she's spicy)

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DrDrama said...

I have been wanting to start an herb garden as well so that I can support my basil and rosemary habit. Can you bring some of your seed catalogs Friday? We can discuss chipmunk deterrent techniques *ahem*