Friday, March 7, 2008

On happiness and feeling important

The Boss and I are getting over some nasty colds this week so we didn't do a whole lot, but there were a few things that made me really happy.

For starters, the 62 degree weather on Monday. What a joy it was to get some fresh air! Of course I write this as gray clouds loom over the house.

Hello, darling daffodils! I spied them peeking out of the ground this week. Unfortunately I planted them in an area that doesn't get enough sun so they come up and bloom really late. But good things to do come to those who wait, yes?

My babe in her first pair of real shoes-- a luxurious little birthday gift from Leah. Seriously, can they get any more darling? I've already caught her carrying them around like prized possessions when they are not in proper use. No, they don't come in adult sizes (I already checked), but if you want to get them for another babe, the brand is Livie and Luca and their boy shoes are just as crazy cute.

Finding a way to recycle something that I have into something I'll be needing anyway. Brilliant!

If ever I needed some time to feel I was important to something other than wiping snotty noses, it was this week. A few months ago, Cooks Illustrated (CI) put out a call for volunteer recipe testers and I finally received some recipes to test! After I signed up though, I realized maybe recipe testing wasn't for me as I don't like to be disappointed and I always want it to come out perfectly. I was up for the challenge though and I figured this would probably get me to cook some things I might not otherwise try.

CI totally changed the way I think about ingredients and recipes and cooking methods. I received a gift subscription about nine years ago and I've never been the same. I always knew baking was chemistry, but never really looked at cooking as science. Let's just say Cl really validated my geekiness over cooking. But on to the recipes! Oh wait, I'm not allowed! The instructions explicitly say you are not to post the recipes on blogs! Those geeky folks over at CI know us to well, I suppose. I know, it's killing me, too.


Beth Sprague said...

A Cook's Illustrated recipe taster?!?! Oh, you better watch out because you now are going to get ALL my cooking questions! But I know you're up to the task (of CI tester, not my silly questions!)

Get better soon! And the Boss's shoes are darling!

DrDrama said...

The Boss is a girl after my own heart. If she is a good girl, someday I'll show her my shoe closet ;-)