Monday, May 26, 2008

The first cut

is the hardest. And it's about all I was able to do.

There must be two types of kids. Those that sit nicely for a haircut and those that don't. Guess which one I have?

I knew it was going to be difficult. I tried to put it off as long as I could but she refuses to keep the hair clips in. For as much as she loves accessories, she sure hates them in her hair. Sigh. They were so cute though!
My mother in law said that she used to cut Hank's hair while he was asleep! Asleep? Heck, I can't even step in the room for a second while she's asleep lest the sixth sense (aka Mama's in the room which means I don't need to sleep anymore!) kicks in. I asked Jen for pointers. She did a nice job. Surely I could do this! I had put off the task far too long.

The proof:

"If only my Mama would trim my hair, I could pick at this tree a little better"
"I probably wouldn't play on the steps if I could see that my toys are located in another part of the room"

Despite some wrangling in the chair, repeated dodging of the scissors, and then some bribing with Craisins, I managed to get a little bang trim in. I'm not cut out for this job. I'll let a professional take care of it next time. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to form her hair into the little Asian baby bob that I envision for her. Sure, she's only a quarter Asian, but you know the hairdo I'm talkin' about! Unfortunately she's kind of growing a natural mullet. I'm pretty sure she has a little while before that becomes problematic. Plus, she wants to be all party, very little business.

The end result.Just look at those tear soaked eyelashes. Seriously, she's probably going to get whatever she wants in life with those eyelashes. Which means this is probably the last hair cut!


McGee Family said...

She is adorable, mullet be damned. :) Her eyelashes are amazing!

Anna said...

We take Henry to Timothy's in Sq Hill, where they have a children's stylist with a baby chair and a tv. It doesn't stop Henry from crying, but Thomas distracts him long enough so Miss Rose can get the job done.

Beth & Dave said...

She looks as beautiful as ever! You did a great job!

LisaBe said...

she is SO CUTE. omg. she is totally going to get anything she wants in life. your job: make sure she appreciates it and learns to accept disappointment :) gah.

i'm with anna--go to a stylist. she'll get so many oohs and aahs that it'll be a happy time for her. i love to go to the salon. but she's adorable no matter what, so hey--give her all the blackmail-photo haircuts you can while she's young. goodness knows i have plenty.

Amanda said...

LOL- all party, and very little business! You did a wonderful job, I am sure it was very difficult. I have a hard enough time clipping fingernails!

jen said...

She's totally cute no matter what her hair looks like, but you did a fine job!

Kate said...

She looks adorable! And she wouldn't be a true Pittsburgher without a mullet at some point in life - may as well get it over with now, right?