Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Working (out)

Must Exercise Before Knitting.

That's the new rule. I'm not allowed to knit until I've done some exercise. Why did I have to find a hobby that requires you to sit on your ass? No, no, I couldn't have picked marathons or anything. Nope, I can sit on my ass and hell, even order yarn online if I want. So yeah, new rule needed immediately.

I made up this new rule today while I was doing some voice over recordings for a research project. Everything I had to record was all about modifying diet and while I've been trying to do that (hence the lack of recipes on this site), the exercise part has been slow to work its way in. Oh, and on the last bit of recording I had to do, they seriously had me say Worcestershire sauce! I cringed. I panicked. People on The Food Network don't even know how to say it. I know I never say it right and here I have to record this for lots of other people to hear. I looked it up on Dictionary.com and consulted their pronunciation key: (wŏŏs'tər-shîr, -shər). Apparently I've been wrongly pronouncing the first R in the word. There's a little useless tidbit for ya. How do YOU say it?

On the knitting front, Anna told me I needed a cotton hat intervention. It was true. I've made like ten and I can't seem to stop. I swore this one would be the last for a while....but...but...I can make one in an evening! It's for Dasha, the new daughter of one of Hank's co-workers.
The only way to stop was to exchange my cotton yarn. I did this while Anna was working at Natural Stitches yesterday and picked up some really lovely stuff. I am getting my vacation knitting all lined up (walking on the beach counts as exercise, right?). It's a long haul to Hilton Head and back so hopefully I'll accomplish a few of my secret knitting projects. I even started a Christmas present over the weekend!

Here's an example of when hand knit sizing goes awry. My mother in law's friend gave this to me for The Boss at my baby shower. I pulled it out of the closet while doing a size/season overhaul. The hooded poncho finally fits her. Too bad it's nearly summer. It came complete with a knitted bunny for the front pocket. At least the bunny will see some play time.
I'm happy to report The Boss has a new word and it's Knitting! Ok, it sounds like 'kniiing', but damn is it cute and she says it when she's stealing my needles or patting something I'm making. She'll even go as far to stab projects with needles to mimic me I guess. When we showed up at Amy's house for a play date on Friday, Heather greeted us with knitting needles in hand so I felt better that I wasn't alone:)


Anonymous said...

You made me laugh! Worcestershire is a county very near to where I moved from in Britain and, at first, I was thinking, "Why is she having trouble...?"

To pronounce it, forget completely how it's spelled and say this:

See? Easy once you know how! ;) :D

LisaBe said...

yeah, i had that rule for about a minute. i am going to try to get more exercise, but i can't possibly make a rule like that--because knitting tends to be my end-of-the-day, too-exhausted-or-headachy-to-do-anything-else activity. also trying to improve my eating habits. gah.

and voice-overs? what *don't* you do, creative girl??

jen said...

I think I've pronounced it Wush-ter-shur although I try to only ever pronounce it in my own head.

McGee Family said...

You are so funny!
Wars-tuh-sheer is how I say it, although I will be very self-conscious from now on. :) The Boss is so beautiful.