Friday, May 30, 2008

For the birds.

The following post has nothing to do about food or knitting. Shocking, I know.

We took a little field trip to the National Aviary today. The Boss loves birds. She doesn't discriminate. She likes crows, robins, and your everyday sparrows, so I figured she'd be pretty darn excited about the exotic birds we'd see at the aviary. Indeed, she yelled "Birrr" about 800 times. I had a lot of fun, too. I loved the Lorikeets. They are very friendly. Oh wait, they just liked me because I had nectar to give them. That's my hand and arm they are sitting on trying to beat each other out for a tasty treat. The Boss loved them until one splashed her with some nectar and then you would have thought they were attacking her.

The Free-Flight bird show outside in the rose garden was really cool as well. While we were waiting for that to start, there was some loud music playing and The Boss and her friend Julianne decided to perform a little dance show. The Boss recently incorporated spinning in circles into the mix, that is, until she gets dizzy and/or off balance and falls down. Sadly, the girl is even dancing to Celine Dion, proving she will in fact dance to any music.

Give the Aviary a whirl if you haven't ever been there or if it's been quite some time since you were last there. Kids under two are free! The place is small enough that you can get through everything and a show before lunch time.

p.s. boy, I didn't realize Blogger's video is so grainy. Sorry 'bout that!


jen said...

Wow, their dance was even choreographed! Finn actually saw a commercial for Celine today and he was totally smitten with her - yikes!

McGee Family said...

The Boss is adorable!!

LisaBe said...

how is she *hearing* celine dion? j'accuse! abuse!

i love the aviary. i love birds. andrew took our toucan photo there. my favorite is the hyacinth macaw, i think.

DrDrama said...

We took the Boss there last summer and we didn't get quite the same response. That video is hilarious!

Emmy said...

You'd better sign that girl up for "So You Think You Can Dance"!! :)

Beth & Dave said...

Hysterical! But it sure looks like you all had a great time! Good thing to keep in the back of my mind for future outtings!