Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer. S-U-M-M-E-R. Summer.

I've already said that berries, basil and tomatoes spell summer to me. I suppose kiddie pools are up on that list now, too. But I forgot to mention that I'm a sucker for tart, citrusy, ice-cold drinks when the humidity is high and you want to run as fast as you can into your air conditioned house. And if you think I'm talkin' about those powdered citrusy drinks that those kids on the corner are swindling you for 75 cents or more, then shame on you!

No, I'm talking about fresh squeezed limeade. Yep. Limeade. Not lemonade which is lovely, too. I like limes, they are a little more tart and I just have a penchant for anything green. I can't help it. My last trip to Costco yielded an enormous bag of limes and I had this in mind before I even left the parking lot.

I was meeting up with Beth and baby Corinne for a little picnic the other day and decided to take this along since it was supposed to be hot and humid. While The Boss chanted the word baby the whole way to the park, she seemed less than enthused once she was in the presence of the baby. She stared as if to say "What the heck, you can't swing with me! Call me when you get some head control." Forget lunch. All she wanted to do was swing.
And ignore our little picnic. That's right, she hijacked someone else's picnic and befriended a very enthusiastic five year old and her mother. Apparently she's already too cool for me.

So Beth, Cori and me lunched over sandwiches, and farm market blueberries and peaches, and fresh squeezed limeade. I've been enjoying a glass every evening since, after I drench my struggling flowers with water from the kiddie pool. It's going to be a hot one in Pittsburgh this weekend, you best make a batch for yourself. I typically finish the drink off with some seltzer water for a little bit of fizz. You could also add few glugs of vodka for an adult take on it, but I have no idea who would do that. Nope, no idea.
1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1 cup simple syrup
2 cups cold water
lots of ice
more cold water, club soda or seltzer to taste

Mix juice, simple syrup and 2 cups of water. Add a good amount of ice. Taste. If you need to dilute it further, add more cold water, club soda or seltzer to taste.

Simple syrup-this will make more than you need for one batch of limeade, but it's nice to have on hand for drinks. If you use simple syrup, you won't have to deal with that gritty layer of undissolved sugar at the bottom of your glass!
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Boil until sugar is completely dissolved. Cool.


LisaBe said...

i LOVE limeade. and grapefruit. and lemon. what you said, basically: tart, citrusy drinks. all year round i love it.

i was laughing at the picture of the boss with the other family--i was like, "that's not beth! who is that? i should know her, but i don't." then i read the rest. excellent :)

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Yes, Lucy was cool and no wonder The Boss wanted to hang with her instead of us. Cori looks pretty angry / uncool in that photo- ha ha!

RD said...

I think I have the same iced beverage glasses! I'm going to have to give them a whirl with that delicious looking beverage.

K,S,M,L&R M said...

The Boss cracks me up. I love that she crashed another picnic. hahaha

JennyOC said...

Yummmm, vodka limeade, sounds yummy!

And are you trying to find a new job? No new babies anytime soon? Don't know why but I thought you might :)