Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weird timing.

So in my cold stupor, I fell asleep when The Boss went to bed on Friday which means waaaaay earlier than I usually go to bed. Naturally, I woke up in the wee hours raring to go and what better time to catch up on my hundreds of Google Reader items that have accumulated (sidenote: Google Reader=best thing ever). So I read the Yarn Harlot's latest blog entry and then the related New York Times blurb. Then I look up on the tv andwhat's on? The previous night's rerun episode of Conan O'Brien featuring Greg Kinnear talking about the Yarn Harlot and the very topic of her blog entry -kinnearing.

Greg Kinnear talking about knitting (his segment starts at 16:50)!

That was some weird timing or some strange cold medicine induced hallucination. I'm pretty sure it was the former though.


LisaBe said...

what?? greg kinnear knows about the knitblogs? is there a youtubey of this conversation?

Amy said...

Thanks for the link! I just finished catching up on Stephanie's blog and I was sad to think that I missed her being mentioned on national TV.

I think it's cool that Greg Kinnear called her the Michael Jordan of knitters, but sad that he assumed that all knitters are women.