Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is that...

a sweater on a tree?

Say what?

If you head over to the Children's Museum, that's what you'll see (and a small piece made by me)! It's a fun way to tell people about the Ninth Annual Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sweater drive.

In conjunction with this drive, the museum has a learn to knit table in the studio section every Saturday in November. I volunteered to teach today. It was a fun, but a tad overwhelming most of the time. I was the only volunteer! I was not aware that was the case until I arrived. And guess who showed up? Um, everyone. Or so it seemed like every 3-6 year old from the tri-state area was standing at my table at one point. It was a rainy Saturday in Pittsburgh so yeah, a lot of kids. And they provided me with really bad supplies. Like skinny yarn and long skinny, slippery metal needles. But we made do and at least a couple of kids walked away with a yarn bracelet. One of the funniest moments was when this five year old girl came over and very enthusiastically said, "Oh how I'd love to make a pair of mittens out of this red yarn!" So we started and finished a row and she said "hey, I'm going to go paint while I wait for my new mittens to be made!" Good one, kid! The Boss was not really into sharing her Mama once she arrived, but thankfully she didn't yell "MINE!" like she's been so wont do lately. Once she got to the water play area, she forgot her mother was even with her.

The museum is accepting gently used sweaters through December 13th. Make Mr. Rogers proud.

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LisaBe said...

dude! how awesome! i had no idea--you should recruit some friends next time :) i love that museum (did kari's reception there, too!). sounds like a lot of fun, if chaotic.