Friday, February 5, 2010

To do list.

I don't know if the scene outside of my window right now could be more beautiful (oh? you haven't heard that the mid-Atlantic has snow?). I cannot look away and may just take a walk by myself this evening. It reminds me of a winter evening back in 1999 (eons ago!) I spent with my roommate Penny. It was a winter night that compelled us to make snow angels late into the evening. We just had to go out and didn't care if anyone had anything to say about our age!

It's just that pretty and peaceful. I suspect it may even be prettier by morning.

Obviously, we had to read this tonight. First, I read it to The Boss and then she "reads" it to me. Adorable. Then we will reenact the book tomorrow.
Things to do this weekend:
Make snow family--I hope I have enough scarves!
Make snow angels.
Sled ride.
Bake bread.
Knit my own sweater.
Sit in front of fire while knitting said sweater.

That's what I call a weekend plan.

I don't think I've enjoyed snow more than I have this year. That Boss, always bringing the kid in me to the surface. I like it. A lot.

Be warm and have fun, friends!


LisaBe said...

(a) i LOVE that sweater!!! queued.
(2) i love that book. when my little brother was a baby/toddler, i was obsessed with this book because of a scene one day where he looked just like the kid in the book. pointy hood, arms out over the bundling up, the whole works. sigh.

Dr. Drama said...

When we were snowed in last weekend, it was actually sort of nice, I will say - minus the whole snow and cold weather part.

Cara said...

Lovely sweater! what color? What yarn? photos of your progress?re