Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm a believer.

While there are so many stark contrasts between the babe and The Boss, everything from their entry into the world to sleep habits, I have to say as a mom the second time around, one of the biggest differences for me is that I read nothing about babies. It's awesome. I go purely by gut or gather opinions from my pool of trusted moms. Granted, when I suspected something was wrong, I may have sought after Dr. Google's advice, but then quickly closed my screen and asked a pediatrician friend instead. Armed with a trusted mom pool and my own experience, I'm comfortable leaving the books behind and just living life with this baby.

So when unbelievably, we reached that six month mark and everyone started talking about what food he was eating, I think I let out a small groan. Oh yeah, we're supposed to do food! The first time around I was all gung-ho to make my own purees and spoon feed. It was something new to do! This time I need some reminding why other food is important:) I've had a few friends subscribe to the baby led weaning process in which you forego the purees and let the babes have chunks of food that they can control. They'll bite off what they can, chew what they can handle, and spit out the rest. As a first time mom this method would strike fear. "But the baby will CHOKE!"

Since Henry has a milk protein allergy (yeah, that means due to breastfeeding I am off all things cheese and butter and then some! Shocker that I am still alive, I know!) so we were encouraged to go pretty slowly with the food anyway. So far I've done a mix of mashes and large chunks of soft food for him. He wants nothing to do with being spoon fed. It has to be under his control. Will he take a spoon in his hand and try to get the contents off it? Yes. Will he open his mouth like a little bird when I try to feed him. Nope. Will he eat a banana or sweet potato if I give him a large piece of it? Yes he will!
Amazing. I'm a believer. Yes, yes I am. Buh-bye baby books. More fun books for me.

Five years ago if you told me that I'd be a cloth-diapering, non-cheese eating, don't-worry-about-the-baby-food kind of mama, I'd be giggling quite a bit.

Change is good.


jen said...

And why is dear Henry not wearing a handknit bib?! You really have changed, haven't you? ;)

Michelle said...

I know, Jen. Sometimes I forget the bibs! Thankfully, with a million hand me downs, we just change clothes:)

Sara M said...

Me too! We couldn't get Sophia to take to my homemade puree's at all. By 7 1/2 months I was worried that she was still exclusively on breastmilk and then one day I decided to offer her some whole wheat blueberry pancakes and she ate them like a pro!

Henry is too cute!

Lisa said...

I didn't read with Jackson either---bad mom, I know :) we did baby led weaning, but I didn't know that's what we were doing. I just knew J wanted nothing to do with my home made purees. He wanted what we were eating, so he got small overcooked chunks of whatever that was :)