Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late to the party.

If you read any kind of food blog whatsoever in the past year or more, you've probably seen someone rave about kale chips.

Kale? Turned into a crispy chip? Granted, I'm one of those weird people who actually likes her greens, but I can't deny that I got pretty excited that I could possibly make something so incredibly super food healthy and have it taste like junk food.

And one day my husband knocked me over by bringing home kale. It was fate. So we gave it a whirl. I'm going to be honest here. I think my expectations were too high. Just so you know, kale chips will not taste like Doritos. They will not taste like Cheetos. Are you getting a sense of my forbidden snack foods? They will not taste like potato chips either. Shocking, I know.

They were incredibly crunchy and nicely salted. They were fine for a healthy snack, although I thought they were a tad bitter. That could be a result of the type of kale though. They reminded me why I like roasted cauliflower--the browned crispy bits. I think adding some other flavors would help it out for me. The reason I will continue to make them is that The Boss thought they were awesome.

That is a kid eating kale. Willingly.
While we ate our dinner, she asked to crumble the chips into her pasta.

So there ya go.

You can find a bunch of kale chips right here. Crunch.

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