Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day, America.

and Happy Birthday, baby Emerson! While we were enjoying a lovely Independence Day party with friends, we received word that cousin Jenny gave birth to Emerson Rachel. I think she's the only baby I ever knew to come on their actual due date! It will be great to have another baby in the family, especially since my baby is so not a baby anymore.

I love leisurely, extended weekends. The Boss and her Dadeeeee (yeah, it's not Dada anymore, it's a drawn out Dadeeeee) went on a few bike rides before the party. That's right, I said a few. The Boss is positively smitten with her bike seat on Hank's bike and he indulged her quite a bit today. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep on the bike before she even had lunch.
Meanwhile, I whipped up some red, white and berries for the party. Is it obvious I can't get enough of the berries? I hope you had a lovely day. I sure did. It is so much more fun now that The Boss and her friends (you know, the babes of my friends) are really starting to play with one another instead of just around one another. It was such a joy just to watch them. The girls were so tired that we didn't make it til fireworks time. That's ok, Pittsburgh tends to have fireworks for every event imaginable!

Off to decide what little baby girl knits I should make for baby Emerson!


LisaBe said...

wow--how awesome a name is emerson for a little girl? i love that! (the cupcakes look fabulous, too, but you knew that) :)

Emmy said...

mmm....cupcakes. sounds like you guys had a great holiday!

JennyOC said...

That is so nice of you to think of Emerson in your blog! I'm excited to make every 4th of July all about my daughter and my country :) Hopefully she'll love it, too!!
Thanks for thinking of her!