Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer fever

Unfortunately, The Boss woke up from her afternoon nap with a pretty high fever and all I was left to do was hold my hot-to-the-touch babe while she rested. I know something is up when she's more than willing to just hang out on my lap all afternoon. So while sitting with my babe, we happened upon some Olympic trials on TV. Are you like me? Do you get Olympic fever? I get it bad. Real bad. The Olympics are but a month away and I'm already getting sucked in by the stories of determination and hope. You name it, I love it.

One of the things that made me happy regarding the trials was that Dara Torres, a 41 year old mom, qualified for her 5th Olympics. Since she's so much older than all of her opponents, she has to deal with the whispers over possible use of performance enhancing drugs. In order to prove that she doesn't use them, she's part of a voluntary program to test different training regimens as well as many more drug tests than other athletes. All that so she can prove she's just getting better with age. You go, girl.


McGee Family said...

I love the Olympics. I hope The Boss is feeling better.

LisaBe said...

yeah, i hope the little bunny feels better soon. sweetie.

i saw a piece on that swimmer yesterday morning and was totally wowed. i told smartboy that i hate her. those abs! AND she's had kids. she makes the rest of us look really bad. srsly.

JennyOC said...

Watch out for Thomas Finchum, the diver. He was a student of mine at LHSI before he left to train full-time (following his trials at the last Olympics)!