Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A berry favorite place.

After last week, I needed to decompress and get away for a day with my little family and convinced my friend Nikki and her family that they needed to take part. Unfortunately, the intermittent thunderstorms squashed our plans to ride bikes, hike, and picnic at Ohiopyle. We did manage to take a little field trip during a break in the rain to one of our favorite places to go to during the summer, Sand Hill Berries.What a little gem this place is! Aside from tomatoes and gobs of basil, nothing says summer to me like berries do. This place has every variety (seriously, even gooseberries!) that is currently in season and you can buy them and all the lovely goods that they make out of them. Their specialty is really the raspberry though and whatever you do, you must try their fresh raspberry pie. Over the years, they have expanded their fields and this year, they added a winery, Greendance. While the men tried to keep the babes from picking flowers and digging in the pebble walkways, Nikki and I had ourselves a nice little wine tasting - which of course lead to some wine purchasing.
There was some live music in the courtyard which entertained the babes and allowed us to choose which goodies we'd indulge in from the outdoor cafe. How can you not buy goodies from a cafe that looks like this?
Especially when the goodies look like this:The girls were way into their ice cream with raspberry sauce.

The Boss had her mouth hanging open as soon as she swallowed like a baby bird wanting more.
I don't blame her, everything was amazing.

The next day, The Boss and I snacked on these while we played outside. They are her new favorite and she loves to stick them on her fingertips before eating them. They were almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Now we just have to wait until their blueberries are ripe!

If you don't want to trek out to Mt. Pleasant, PA, you can easily pick up their yummy berries and pies at some local farm markets. It won't be the same, but it will still be delicious! Now go get some berries! They're good for you!


LisaBe said...

that place looks positively divine. pie a la mode = heaven on earth. was it warm, too? i love that contrast between cold and creamy and warm and flaky/gooey. yum. i could use some right this minute!

Amanda said...

That last picture has my mouth watering! Mmmmm Berries.

Emmy said...

Those look soooo good!

DrDrama said...

Okay, can I convince you guys to make a second trip there with us? I will drive! That looks soooo good.